Irish Dance Classes: Ages 2-5

Toddler Trot: Age 2 (45 Minute Class)

Toddler trot introduces our 2 year old friends to Irish dance in a fun & exciting setting! This class is a mix of creative movement & Irish dance. Lots of props are involved- scarves, maracas, shakers, teddy bears & more! We practice  learning rhythm by clapping to the beat, guided movement songs, and of course learning the basics of Irish dance (skips, 7's, over 2,3's, toe walks, kicks, etc.). Lots of fun each week!

Preschool/ Kinder Irish Dance: Ages 3-5 (45 minute class)

This class introduces the little ones to the basic elements of Irish dance in a fun way! They will learn basic light jigs, reels as well as other technical aspects of Irish dance. In this class, the student will also learn the importance of listening and following directions in a structured class. We love to include fun props and activities into class time to keep everyone engaged & having fun!