Class Dress Code for all irish dance classes:


-Black Leotard, Black Tank top OR Any Irish dance t-shirt or tank from our clothing line.

-Black shorts

-white poodle socks

*Visit our online shop with t-shirts, tanks, shorts & poodle socks (New Online Store Items Coming Soon)


Ghillies (soft shoes) & Hard Shoes

*Please note that hard shoes are only worn in Level 1 & up.

*Those who are enrolled in preschool/Kinder Irish dance for ages 3-5 are permitted to wear black ballet shoes.

I recommend ordering from Rutherford Shoes:

*Our high level competitive dancers should consider a higher quality shoe  from Rutherfords or Fay's, such as the SoundBlaster's. Please ask Louise for advice regarding this.

*We also have a shoe swap bin- leave a pair, take a pair!